Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seven Steps to Managing Your Time in Your Family Business

In a typical family business, the owners wear many hats. As the business grows, it gets harder and harder to juggle all the tasks and duties that the manager of the family business must accomplish in a day.

Here are 7 steps to help you manage your own time:
  1. List all tasks and rank them by their importance.
  2. Plan and estimate the time required for every task.
  3. Prepare a list of no more than 20 tasks you need to do in one day, sorted from the most important to the least.
  4. Ensure that all listed tasks are necessary. If any task is not really essential, delete it from the list.
  5. Determine whether anyone else, in your organization or outside it, can do any of listed tasks for you. Assign that task to the appropriate person.
  6. Organize your remaining tasks systematically and logically in the most efficient order, keeping in mind which tasks are the most important to complete by the end of the day.
  7. Once you start, focus on a single task and delete it from your list as soon as it is completed. Avoid switching back and forth between tasks.

If you follow these 7 simple steps, you will find that you are once again in control of your day!

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DW822 said...

Great information for everyone in business! Time management is the most important step to success! Thank you David!